Cardiff Churches’ Nightshelter – St German’s and St Saviour’s

For the past seven years, different Cardiff based churches have been hosting a nightshelter for some of the homeless our city.  Each night a different church takes a turn offering hospitality to those who are homeless.  This year two of the seven churches have had to step back from this for a while and so Fr Phelim O’Hare, vicar of St German’s in Adamsdown and St Saviour’s in Splott, was asked if either of his parishes might be able to help out by hosting a shelter for one night a week from 18 December 2017 until the end of March 2018.

After consulting the parish communities it was agreed that St German’s hall in Adamsdown would host up to 15 homeless people this coming winter.

Homelessness remains a big problem for cities in the UK and in Cardiff alone there are about 70 people in need of shelter each night. The Churches Nightshelter is slightly different from the council run shelters and seeks to give warm beds and two hot mails (evening and breakfast) to those who seek out their help.  The beds, laundry, food and labour are all donated free of charge by the Church communities and members.

Fr Phelim fully supports this work and said

“Caring for the homeless and tending to the needs of those considered least in our society goes to the heart of what Christianity is all about. As Christians, we simply try to live our lives by following the teaching and example of Jesus, who was often homeless himself. He teaches us to bring comfort and hope to all who are in any kind of need”.

If you would like to get involved, know more about the Cardiff Churches Nightshelter or even to help in any way please contact Fr Phelim on 02922411229 or visit the church website for more details.