“Let’s be honest, who can’t help but love the name Splott?” Ruth Jones turns her attention to the best burrough in The ‘Diff

Splottlanders were all a quiver today as BBC Radio Wales announced that our very own Splott is to be given the Ruth Jones treatment!

Welsh actress and writer Ruth Jones, known for playing Nessa in Gavin & Stacey and the lead character in Sky’s ‘Stella’, is to bring a brand new sitcom to Radio Wales in February 2018.

According to the press release issued by BBC Radio Wales today, Ruth Jones will write and star in the new six-part comedy Splott, set in the Cardiff district of the same name.

Splott is the story of Mandy Ferhat (Ruth Jones) – a school cook and single mum to her live-at-home daughter Cherstey. When life gets tough Mandy turns to her bonkers neighbour Val, and her sweet but serial-killer obsessed colleague Kathleen. A passionate, sometimes gung-ho, but big hearted Mandy simply seeks peace, romance and happiness… none of this comes her way without a fight.

Ruth Jones says:

“Let’s be honest, who can’t help but love the name Splott. A name made more loveable by the fact that it’s a real place nestled in the heart of Wales’s capital. I’m so excited to be playing a strong gutsy Cardiffian in what I hope is going to be a refreshingly daft and silly sit com on Radio Wales.”

Colin Paterson, Editor of Radio Wales says:

“Ruth is one of the biggest comedy talents of her generation; I couldn’t be more pleased that she has agreed to work with Radio Wales.”

Well, if Ruth ever needs a sounding board, I’m sure there will be loads of Inksplott readers lining up to give her a hand!