Never mind Westminster! What about Splott?

Well snap!  The PM has gone and called a surprise general election, but before we get to place our X in the box in June and decide who’s sitting in the big chair for the foreseeable, there’s the not-so-small matter of our own local councillor elections to consider.

One month before the general election, on May 4th this year, the people of Splott and surrounding areas will get to vote on who they want to represent them at a local level.

So as not to get too distracted by the big national election taking place on the 8th of June before we focus on the local important stuff-, here’s a rundown of who’s standing in our own heartland of Splott.

One more thing before we get to the long list – over the last few months, Inksplott has run interviews with some of the candidates for this May’s election so that we can all make an informed decision on which box to cross when it comes to it.  Some of the interviews are in, giving us a candid insight into the, well, candidates, so scroll down and click on the links available to find out more.  However, if you would like to see your favourite featured here, or you are simply interested in someone who hasn’t yet submitted an interview, give them a nudge and ask them to get in touch.  Inksplott is a platform open to all and will gladly feature an interview with every candidate, should they want to give one.  Just ask them to email lynne.thomas@incsblot.co.uk and a questionnaire will be on its way within minutes.

So, to the candidates.  In (party) alphabetical order:


Cardiff Plaid: Rhys Robert Cisuelo

Address: 35 Cwrt Boston, Pengam Green, Cardiff, CF24 2SF


Cardiff Plaid: Favour Egbekayi

Address: 43 Madoc Road, Cardiff, CF24 2SY


Cardiff Plaid: Steff Greedy

Address: 1 University Place, Splott, Cardiff, CF24 2JU


Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Dave Bartlett

Address: 28 Ilton Road, Cardiff, CF23 5DU


Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Joao Filipe Ruivo Felix

Address: 39 Mackintosh Place, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4RJ


Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Katrine Williams

Address: 38 Theodora Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff, CF24 1PD


Wales Green Party: Sam Patterson

Address: 15 Grange place, Grangetown, Cardiff, CF11 7DB


Welsh Conservative Party: Robert John Lawrence

Address: 12 Heol Uchaf, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 6SP


Welsh Conservative Party: Gail Morgan

Address: 3 Eddystone House, Ferry Court, Cardiff, CF11 0AU


Welsh Conservative Party: Vivienne Ward

Address: 6 The Green, Leckwith, Cardiff, CF11 8AR


Welsh Labour: Jane Henshaw

Address: 147 Habershon Street, Splott, Cardiff, CF24 2LA

Read an interview with Jane here


Welsh Labour: Ed Stubbs

Address: 107 Habershon Street, Splott, Cardiff, CF24 2JZ

Read an interview with Ed here


Welsh Labour: Huw Thomas

Address: 19 Wilson Street, Splott, CF24 2NZ

Read an interview with Huw here


Welsh Liberal Democrats: Zara England

Address: 68 Splott Road, Splott, Cardiff, CF24 2DB

Read an interview with Zara here


Welsh Liberal Democrats: James Bear

Address: 23 The Grand, Westgate Street, Cardiff, CF10 1AR


Welsh Liberal Democrats: Phil Dore

Address: 88 Pearl Street, Splott, Cardiff, CF24 1PL


There we have it; 16 candidates standing to represent us as local councillors for the next few years.

Have you made up your mind yet?  Maybe we need a few more interviews to help with that!

If you would like to find out more about the local elections, click here