Safer Splott Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme

Plans are afoot to address anti-social behaviour in the area around the Magic Roundabout, namely East Tyndall Street and the top end of Sanquhar Street.

The Safer Splott Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme (or Splott Regeneration Project as it’s more commonly known) proposes to add lighting, install CCTV cameras, create dedicated cycle paths, fix paving and fence off a sub-station in an effort to stop bad behaviour by the Magic Roundabout.

The scheme was nominated by Splott Councillor Gretta Marshall in 2013 and, following evaluation, was given approval to be delivered in this financial year (April 2016 – March 2017), meaning all work must be completed by the end of March.

Work will be carried out in two phases, the first phase having been already completed.

Phase 1:

  • New CCTV cameras have been installed; one on Walker Road in front of the Peacocks building (changed from Sanquhar St) and one at the end of East Tyndall Street
  • New fence and access gate to secure the area around the sub-station on Keen Road to discourage anti-social behaviour

Phase 2 (to be delivered in the Spring):

  • Installing a new lighting column at the end of East Tyndall Street
  • Increasing the width of the current pavement from Sanquhar Street around to East Tyndall Street to enable a new wider shared cycle and pedestrian route
  • Lifting and relaying areas of damaged paving in front of houses which face the Magic Roundabout

Any further proposals for changes / additions in the area will be made clear of the Neighbourhood Regeneration website and residents and business owners in the immediate vicinity will be consulted directly and will receive letters through the door.

To keep up with developments, and see a diagram of the affected area, visit the website or click here to go direct to the map

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