Slimming World Splott

This week, Inksplott caught up with Brigid who runs Slimming World every Monday in The Old Library, Singleton Road, Splott.

Inksplott: Can you please tell readers who you are?

Brigid: I’m Brigid Lavin from Slimming World.

Inksplott: Hi Brigid.  Can you please tell us a bit of history about yourself and this club?

Brigid: About nineteen years ago after my third child I lost two and a half stone, I was looking for a part time job and this fell into my lap and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Inksplott: And why is it in Splott?

Brigid: Slimming World aims to cater to have one group per 5,000 of the population across the whole of the UK and there was a need for it here in Splott.

Inkplsott: How about this building, the Old Library – how did you end up here?

Brigid: It’s a good space, bright and warm and secure for myself and members.

Inksplott: Can you tell us why people should come to this club?

Brigid: That’s because it’s the best one in Cardiff!  We have fantastic weight losses, the members are lovely – it’s a great big friendly organisation.  It’s the best place to lose weight; it’s all about healthy eating, not about giving things up just finding healthy alternatives.  We have wonderful successes and lovely members here and everyone can expect a warm welcome.

Inksplott: What’s the biggest success story from your club?

Brigid: I’ve got a lady who’s lost nine stone, Angela, the mother of my pay-in lady and she sits over there with a nine stone weight loss.

Inksplott: Brilliant!  Well done Angela!  Thank you Brigid for the chat.


Slimming World classes are held at the Old Library on Singleton Road, Splott, every Monday at 9.30am, 11.30am, 5.00pm and 7pm and Tuesday at 9.30am.  Standard membership costs £10 and classes cost £4.95 each.  See for more information or call 0344 897 8000.