Splott moves to new bin collections

From the 20th of February, residents in Splott will have to separate their recycling into different receptacles.

Cardiff Council has announced that they are rolling out a new waste collection model across Splott and Tremorfa from the 20th of February 2024 (though If you live in a block of flats with communal bin collections, this change will not affect you).

*see bottom of article for advice from Keep Splott Tidy

Cardiff Council says:

​​​​​​​​​​​​”Following a trial, we are introducing separate recycling collections across the city in 2024. 

Find out what we learnt from the trial​ and why separate recycling is good for Cardiff

We will contact you when your property is moving to separate recycling collections.

36,000 properties will be changing to separate recycling collections from 20 February 2024. 

We will deliver the new containers and information leaflets to these properties between 29 January and 16 February. ​

If you have green bags left over once separate recycling collections begin please give them to someone who is still on green bag collections or you can find an alternative use for them.”

So, what does the new system actually mean for residents?

Instead of general waste, recycling and food, we will have to separate glass, paper and plastics & metals.

Here is more information:

Blue caddy

This caddy is for your:

  • glass bottles, and
  • jars.

Items you can put in the blue caddy are:

  • glass bottles, like beer wine and soft drinks, and
  • glass jars, like sauce jars and baby food.

Items that do not go in the blue caddy are:

  • ceramics or china,
  • drinking glasses,
  • broken glass,
  • glass panes,
  • light bulbs, or
  • pyrex.​

The council will collect blue caddies fortnightly on the same week as general waste.

(Inksplott comment: I don’t know who they consulted with but fortnightly collections of one blue caddy full of glass just isn’t going to cut it in this house! what are we supposed to do if we have more???)

Red sack

This sack is for your:

  • Metal cans, tins, aerosols and foil,
  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, and
  • Food and drink cartons, such as Tetra Pak.

​The red sack is for containers, such as plastic bottles​, tubs and trays and cans or tins.

Items you can put in the red sack are:

  • plastic toiletry bottles, like shampoo and shower gel,
  • plastic cleaning bottles, like bleach and trigger sprays,
  • plastic drinks bottles, like milk, water and soft drinks,
  • plastic containers, like fruit punnets, yoghurt pots, and cake trays,
  • plastic takeaway cartons and lids,
  • aerosols, like deodorant sprays,
  • metal drinks cans, like beer and soft drinks,
  • metal food tins, like beans and soups, 
  • Tetra Pak, and
  • ​foil and foil cartons.

Items that do not go in the red sack are:

  • plastic carrier bags,
  • soft plastics, like cling or plastic film, 
  • cheese wrapping or bread bags,
  • crisp packets,
  • pet food pouches,
  • plastic blister packs, like for medicines,
  • toothbrushes or toothpaste tubes,
  • razors and razor blades,
  • ​empty gas lighters,
  • empty gas canisters,
  • hard plastics, such as childrens toys,​
  • plant pots, and​
  • Tupperware containers.

The council will collect your red sack weekly.

B​lue sack

This sack is for your:

  • cardboard, and
  • paper.

Items you can put in the blue sack are: 

  • card and cardboard boxes,
  • egg cartons,
  • toilet roll tubes,
  • cereal boxes,
  • toothpaste boxes,
  • paper, newspapers and magazines,
  • envelopes and letters, and
  • printer paper and shredded paper.

Shredded paper can be put in a separate carrier bag and placed on top of the blue sack for collection.​

Items that do not go in the blue sack are:

  • food and drink cartons, like Tetra Pak,
  • polystyrene,
  • plastic film or packaging,
  • wallpaper,
  • wrapping paper, or
  • tissues, paper towels and kitchen roll.

The council will collect your blue sack weekly.​

This is the advice given by the council on storage and sorting your recycling:

“You may want to have separate bins within your kitchen to separate your recycling. You could also mix recyclables in your kitchen and then sort into the sacks or caddy regularly, or before collection day.

If you do not produce much recycling, or have concer​ns about storing or handling the sacks, smaller ones are available. These can be collected from some Hubs”.

What to do on collection day

From 20 February, you will need to separate your recycling into your new containers.

Please do not overfill your sacks. You can get additional sacks if you need them.

You must make sure the containers are closed using the Velcro on the flap and handle.

Your waste must be put out for collection by 6am on the day of your collection, or no earlier than 4:30pm the day before your collection.

If you have help putting your bins and bags out, you do not need to reapply. You do not need stickers for your new sacks and caddy.

Our new collection vehicles will have separate sections for each type of recycling. ​

To check dates, click here (or keep an eye on Keep Splott Tidy social media for updates the night before).

Find out more in person

This Saturday (February 10) between 9am & 12.30pm council officers will be on hand at the Star Hub to answer questions from residents on the new recycling collections in Splott.

Helpful advice from Keep Splott Tidy

Some tips from those who are already on it..

1. Store your bags in your blue caddy & when it comes to bin day just fill them up and pop them out.

2. Embrace your community spirit, if your bags are full ask your neighbours if you can put your extras in theirs.

3. Be kind to your neighbours & bring them if you know they are out so they don’t go astray.

4. Only recycle what is on each bag/caddy & remember, soft plastics like salad bags can be taken to the co-op for recycling.

5. Take those bottle tops/jars lids off your glass & pop those in your red bag.

6. Put your house number on your bags as soon as you get them.

Feel free to add more tips for those making the switch….