Splott speed sign plonked in centre of pavement set to be moved

So, in theory, a sign to slow down traffic near a primary school is a good thing, right? Not when it’s placed in the middle of a pavement leaving no room for buggies, bikes or mobility machines to pass without veering close to the road!


Last night, much frustration (and a fair bit of hilarity) was unleashed on social media as a local resident @EmAppears posted photos on Twitter of a newly placed sign on Walker Road which effectively cut off access to the pavement to all but gazelles.

@EmAppears tweeted:

@cardiffcouncil a new sign has been installed on Walker Road right in the middle of the pavement. Pretty sure wheelchairs and buggies can’t get past. So much for a safe route to school. Can you move it please? Just attach it to the nearby lamppost, save clutter.

Inksplott was quick to circulate:

Oh dear, it appears that common sense has left the building (site). Just because it’s on the plans, don’t plonk a road sign right in the middle of the pavement dudes! #splott

It wasn’t long before responses poured in, including

‘How dull can they be?’


‘You couldn’t make it up’.


Local Councillor and Leader of the Council, Huw Thomas, was quickly on the case and Tweeted:

This was installed by contractors (who I can only hope weren’t following the plan correctly!). Utterly idiotic. Will be raising with Council officers first thing tomorrow.

@EmAppears also noted an additional sign attached to a lamp post, indicating that the (inaccessible) pavement is to be shared by cyclists and pedestrians:

To make things worse, there’s (new?) Shared footway /cycleway signs right near it and further up on the same section. Glad to see this happening but it’s only any use if everyone has room!


But Huw was still on the case:

I also spotted this morning that there is another new sign (about the zebra crossing I think) obscured by a second lamp post  I shared your photos with the CEO and Transport director this morning and they were aghast. @msjanehenshaw meeting officers on the ground on Thursday.


An update followed this evening.  Huw posted a response from Council Officers indicating that the sign had been placed in the wrong position and would be moved.

Huw added:

Good news from Council officers on this issue. I must say I’m incredibly disappointed by the contractor’s performance on this project, already weeks late before this, and will be taking the matter further with them.


So, thank you @EmAppears for bringing this ‘you only had one job’ fail to our attention and thank you Huw Thomas for sorting it out for pavement users of Splott!

Splottlanders; keep an eye on those signs on Walker Road and make sure that they are moved so that we can all walk to Ysgol Glan Morfa (and Lidl of course) in perfect safety (especially in our nice new 20mph zone).