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Senedd Election 2021 What’s it all about?

By now, you will have received at least ten flyers through your door from representatives standing in this year’s Senedd Election (did a quick count of my bundle on the dining table!). But what does it all mean? What are we voting for? Who are we voting for? Read on to find out… Understanding the […]

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Cardiff Climate Hustings

A Hustings is a meeting at which candidates in an election address potential voters. On the 6th of May, people in Wales will take to the polls to vote for their preferred Senedd representative and parties are currently campaigning across the country to try and secure support. People are passionate about many different topics and […]

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Assembly Election 2016 – what’s it all about?

OK, so I’ll admit, I always vote.  I’m a Welsh woman; it’s pretty mandatory stuff.  Have I always fully understood the elections I’m voting in or what the parties stand for in total?  Erm, no, I’ll admit that I haven’t, but I’ve been determined to fully understand the upcoming Assembly Elections on the 5th of […]

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