Shop Splott map of independent businesses

Inksplott has developed a free map of independent businesses in Splott designed to help drive footfall to our local highstreets and boost our local economy.

There is a wonderful array of independent shops and services in Splott that we could all make more use of.  Sometimes, it seems easier to hop in the car and head to the supermarket, but you may be surprised at how much is on offer right on your doorstep.

If we don’t use them, we’ll lose them, so please think twice next time you pick up the car keys or go to arrange that online delivery.

Shop local; shop Splott!

The map is available in print copy in the businesses listed (I’m still in the process of distributing so if there are no copies in your local place, fear not – copies are one their way!).

If you would prefer a digital version, you can access one here:

Local Projects

In addition to the independent businesses, there is a great range of independent projects and groups in Splott that deserve their share of the spotlight.  Here’s a handy list:

Green Squirrel

Social enterprise creating opportunities for greener living. Working with communities, businesses, and organisations to empower people to take action and change their life, their community, and their world for the better.

Growing Street Talk

Bringing neighbours together to improve front gardens & green their streets.

Keep Splott Tidy

Volunteer group that organises monthly litter picks, provides equipment to litter picking champions, provides green bags and food waste bags during lockdown and works with waste enforcement officers to improve the cleanliness of the streets of Splott.  Provides time credits to volunteers.

Splott Community Volunteers

Addressing disadvantage and inequality for people from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds and helping build stronger community relationships by providing a place of social and ethnic inclusion where people can eat breakfast with their neighbours.  Fighting food poverty in our community.

Really sorry for any omissions in the map.  If you would like your business to feature in the next version of the #ShopSplott map, please get in touch –