Tweeting out of Tremorfa: the weekly wild hour taking Cardiff by storm

Since its launch in June 2019, every Tuesday from 7-8pm on Twitter, #WildCardiffHour has invited residents from across Cardiff to share their pictures and stories of the green places they’ve visited, and the nature they’ve seen.

Originally set up with the support of UpRising Cymru in 2019, #WildCardiffHour aims to reconnect city communities with their urban nature neighbours.

Founder and Tremorfa resident, Pip, said:

“In order for us to protect our wildlife, which faces more pressures than ever, we first need to know it’s there to better understand it. So I’m doing my little bit to help that happen at a local level with the hour.”

“We get all kinds of folks join in, from families learning and asking questions about their garden wildlife, to seasoned experts who share the amazing local discoveries they’ve made. It’s a welcoming and supportive atmosphere and every week I learn something new.”

During the pandemic, the hour has really come into its own, giving locals a space to enjoy the wellbeing aspects of spending time in nature and to help them rediscover what’s on their doorstep.

Pip said:

“We’ve had some brilliant sightings in 2020, from Harbour Porpoise and Seals on the south Cardiff coastline, to magnificent birds of prey like Peregrine Falcons soaring over gardens in the city centre.

We’re also lucky to be home to nationally rare species like the Shrill Carder Bee – we can give a lot of nature reserves a good run for their money!

My hope is to continue to bring this lovely hour of wild nature joy and discovery every week, and hopefully introduce a few more ways for us inner-city residents to get a little closer to our nature neighbours so we can protect them for the future.”

To join in with #WildCardiffHour, follow on twitter at @wildcardiffhour and tune in between 7-8pm every Tuesday to share what you’ve seen, adding #WildCardiffHour to your tweet.

The team is also about throughout the week to answer your questions, post useful content and to share community events.