Who’s paying most for water bills in Britain and how does Wales compare?

Everyone loves an infographic and rainwater harvesting company Freeflush has created one to illustrate the results of their recent survey into water costs in Britain.


There are big difference on how much you are likely to pay to your water utilities depending on where you live in the UK. That’s according to a new infographic by rainwater harvesting company Freeflush who have brought together the average yearly cost for different regions and colour coded them into a useful map.

The colour code runs from blue for the lowest cost up to red for the most expensive water in the country. The good news is that if you live in in the middle of England and towards the North East, you should expect to pay less for your water supply.

Courtesy of www.freeflush.co.uk

Scotland and Wales are slightly more expensive but by far the most costly water supply is found in the southern counties. Anywhere along the English Channel and you’ll be paying over the odds compared to the rest of the country.

Unlike gas and electricity supplies, there’s a lower number of water utility companies in the UK and they tend to be focused in set regions. The most expensive prices come from South West Water so if you live in Cornwall and parts of Devon you can expect to pay on average £943 a year. Wessex Water and Southern Water aren’t much cheaper with charges of £728 and £673 respectively.

The cheapest place to get your water is actually across the City of London and up towards Essex and the surrounding counties. Thames Water charge just £440 a year while Severn Trent which basically covers everywhere from Bristol to Birmingham and the lower edge of Yorkshire comes in at a reasonable £502 per year.

The full list of water companies and their yearly bills is as follows:

  1. Thames Water: £440
  2. Severn Trent: £502
  3. Northumberland Water: £539
  4. Yorkshire Water: £562
  5. Northern Ireland Water: £596
  6. Scottish Water: £600
  7. Anglian Water: £619
  8. Dwr Cymru Welsh Water: £636
  9. United Utilities: £652
  10. Southern Water: £673
  11. Wessex Water: £728
  12. South West Water: £943

Freeflush gathered the data for England and Wales from the Consumer Council of Water using their water meter calculator and basing figures on an average household of four people using 165m3 per year. Data for Northern Ireland and Scottish Water was gathered separately. The information shows that water prices vary significantly across the UK and what you pay generally depends on where you live and who your water company is.