Winter Warm Club launches in Splott

Warm Spaces, or Winter Warm Clubs, have sadly become a necessity in recent years due to the cost of living crisis and huge hikes in energy prices.

Lots of people are struggling to afford to heat their homes and are often living in the cold, which can lead to damp problems and health issues.

The idea of warm spaces is to provide a heated, accessible space where people can go for a few hours to escape their cold homes (or save on heating costs), socialise, meet others, charge their phones and benefit from a hot drink and a snack.

Local charity, Splott Community Volunteers, has launched a Winter Warm Club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10am to 12 noon that will run to the end of March 2024 at their facility within the STAR Centre on Splott Road.

At the winter warm clubs, people can access a friendly, warm space that has accessible toilets and is child-friendly.

Within the facility, there are books and games and visitors will be offered a hot drink and snack.

The charity collects bakery donations from Lidl each morning and usually have pastries and bread on offer for people to eat in or take home.

Funded by the National Grid Community Matters Fund, the charity will also soon be offering people a winter warm pack to help them keep warm at home. The pack will contain items like radiator keys, thermal blankets and draught excluders.

At future Winter Warm Clubs, external agencies will be available for advice on energy efficiency, debt management and available financial assistance. Coming soon:

Wednesday 7th February – Riverside Advice

Wednesday 14th February – Riverside Advice

Friday 23rd February – Riverside Advice

Wednesday 6th March – Riverside Advice and Welsh Water

Friday 8th March – Riverside Advice and Welsh Water

Volunteers help the charity run the sessions, with people manning the tea station and opening the on-site charity shop during the clubs, which currently has a number of winter items for sale at low prices.

The Winter Warm Clubs are free and open to all. Entry is through the gates and metal doors opposite A1 tyres on Railway Street at the corner of Splott Road.

For more updates, follow Splott Community Volunteers on Facebook or X (formerly Twitter).

Other nearby warm spaces

There is a UK-wide website that lists warm spaces that you can access here: Warm Welcome Spaces.

There is also a Cardiff Money Advice website which has an interactive map for residents looking for cost of living help near them. Find out about local warm spaces, foodbanks, community fridges and community groups by clicking the link above.

No Fit State Warm Space – Adamsdown

From the 23rd of January, No Fit State Circus will open every Tuesday from 10am to 5pm to provide two spaces: a community space for socialising and play and quiet space for working and relaxing. There are free snacks and drinks throughout the day and free lunch from 13:00.

Find them here: NoFit State, Four Elms Road, Cardiff, Cardiff CF24 1LE and check out their website here.

To see the No Fit State warm space on the Warm Welcome Spaces website, click here.