An act of honesty that made Splott smile tonight

Honesty is alive and kicking in Splott!  Local lad Wayne Stephenson lost his wallet on Carlisle Street on his way to work this morning and probably thought he would never see it again.

But when he got home the most wonderful note was waiting for him.

An honest passer-by found the wallet and wanted to reunite it with its rightful owner but when he got to the house heard a dog barking so he posted this fantastic note through the letterbox:

“Hi mate, found a wallet, believe it belongs to you, didn’t want to post it because heard a dog barking, just in case he chewed it.  Phone me on (and he popped down his number)”

Wayne popped a photo of the note on Intagram and Twitter with this message:

…and they say Splott is not a nice place to live? Lost my wallet on Carlisle Street on the way to work and this was posted through my door this evening! Faith in humanity restored.”

People were quick to comment on the lovely, honest gesture:

Lola and Wayne

Ria_sol_bay commented on Instagram:

“People of Splott are a good bunch, well done to this lovely person.”

Lola Stephenson, Wayne’s wife said:

“Wayne told me he’d lost his wallet and I just told him to cancel his card and assumed we’d not see it again. I was so surprised to come home and see the note. I called the guy straight away and he was lovely, told me I could collect in 20 mins so I popped straight round with a couple of beers (and Hank!) to say thanks.”

Wayne said:

“Given (there’s) a lot of negative stuff happening right now, it’s little things like this when people go above and beyond that’s really nice. We weren’t really just around the corner either so plenty of people wouldn’t have bothered to make the effort. Splott and Tremorfa get a bad rep. and things like this show that’s unfair.”

Inksplott seconds this! High five to the lovely, honest gent that returned Wayne’s wallet (and even had the forethought to save it from Hank’s slobbery jaws!).


PS – Hank is definitely one of the bestest #petsofsplott and wouldn’t have considered eating the wallet for one second (isn’t that right Hank?)