Cardiff Council consultation on the way forward after Communities First

On 14th February 2017 the Welsh Government confirmed that Communities First will be phased out by 31st March 2018 and outlined a new approach that will be taken to tackling poverty across Wales.

Some funding is available to provide employment service and to build Resilient Communities and Cardiff Council would like to engage with as many people as possible about the way forward.

Cardiff Council has set out a proposal for a city wide Employment Service based on need and not restricted by post code and would like your views on this.

They want to hear about people’s experience of the Communities First Programme and what gaps there will be after it closes and also want to know how people would like to get involved with local activities and projects and how they could influence and shape the communities they live in.

To do this, Cardiff Council has launched the Employment Services and Building Resilient Communities Survey.

They want to encourage as many people as possible to take part and will be running a series of community engagement sessions alongside job club activities in Hubs and other community buildings.

The results from the consultation will help inform both the employment services proposal and the use of the new funding going forward and will be used to inform a report that will go to the Councils Cabinet in November.  To take part online please follow the links below:

Welsh: Cymraeg:  Arolwg Gwasanaethau Cyflogaeth a Chymunedau Gwydn

English: Employment Services and Building Resilient Communities Survey

 The consultation was launched on 6th September and will run until the 4th October, so there’s only a week left to have your say!