Waste collection update from Cardiff Council

If your green bags haven’t been collected recently, you are not alone. Cardiff Council is struggling to remove the huge amount of extra recyclable waste created over the Christmas period and has apologised to residents for delays in collecting green bags.

A message from Cardiff Council:

We understand residents will be concerned if they have had a missed recycling collection, but we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to remove the remaining green bags from the city’s streets as soon as we can.

The amount of waste presented for collection over the Christmas period has increased substantially. We believe the early lockdown and a big shift towards online shopping has contributed to the large amounts of recycling and packaging we are seeing.

We want you to know that the situation isn’t unique to Cardiff. We have been informed by the Welsh Local Government Association that this trend has been seen across many local authority areas.

Right now we estimate there is an extra 400 tonnes of green bags (recycling) on the streets compared with the same time last year. To collect all of this in one day would require an extra 50 waste vehicles and an extra 150 staff. On a normal day we would collect 50 tonnes.

Unfortunately, alongside this extra waste, the council has also experienced a 17% reduction in staff in the department due to workers either testing positive for COVID or having to shield, or self-isolate.

The council has re-deployed suitable staff from other parts of the council to help, but street collections involve operating heavy machinery and working around moving vehicles. We have to be sure that any staff drafted in are able to carry out this work safely.

Facing the double problem of reduced staff numbers due to COVID and the increase in the amount of recycling, we took the decision to prioritise collecting general waste and food waste in the first instance, which is why some recycling has yet to be collected.

Between December 28thand January 3rd, the council has also removed just under 850 tonnes general black bin/red striped bag waste (33% increase) & just under 400 tonnes of food waste (17% increase.)

We apologise to residents for any inconvenience and ask you to leave your green bags outside your properties where they will be collected as soon as we are able to do so. In most cases this will be before the next weekly round, but in some cases this may be as part of the next weekly round (at the latest).