Changes to local recycling centre rules

You still have to book, but you can now visit Lamby Way Recycling Centre 26 times a year instead of 12.

Here’s the update:

·       Residents can now book 26 visits per year to local recycling centres, increased from 12

·       2 people can now get out of the vehicle to help move heavier items, so no need to book a bulky collection unless necessary

·       It is advised that face coverings are now worn

·       Please do not visit the recycling centres if you’re showing any symptoms of COVID19

The recycling centre does not accept bags of mixed waste. For example, they will not accept a bag containing food mixed with recyclable materials.

If you have this type of waste to dispose of  you can pay for their service​, or use a private waste contractor. You will need to make sure they are a registered waste carrier.

Non-recyclable waste

If you have items that cannot be recycled, you can take them to the site.

Before putting them in the skip, site attendants will need to confirm that your items are non-recyclable. It is recommended you use clear bags or a container to help with this process. If you need to use bags to transport the items, you will need to open them to show the staff. You must not use Council issued green bags.

Please take a moment to read recycling centre guidelines and book here: www.cardiff.gov.uk/recyclingcentres