Dog owners must microchip pet pooches or face possible fine

A new law that requires all dogs to be chipped by the time they are eight weeks old has come into force and failure to have dogs chipped could lead to a fine of up to £500 for owners.

Under the new law there is also a requirement to reregister owner details if a dog is sold or rehomed and for owners to keep their database contact details updated.

A City of Cardiff Council spokesperson said: “Cardiff Dogs Home offers a free microchipping service but dog owners are asked to make a £5 donation to cover administration costs. Although no appointment is necessary please contact the Dogs Home on 029 2071 1243 for information on times and days for microchipping. If an owner is unsure if their dog is microchipped and that correct information is recorded on the database, staff at the Dogs Home will be able to help them check the data stored.”

Cardiff Dogs Home welcomed the new laws.

Manager of Cardiff Dogs Home, Maria Baillie said: “We are delighted with this legislation because it will allow us to reunite lost or stolen dogs with their rightful owners more speedily and also significantly reduce kennel fees. I would like to remind residents that if we receive a dog that is not microchipped the owner will have to pay a release fee of £60 but if authorisation is given for us to chip the dog the amount is reduced to the standard £40 charge. Owners of unchipped dogs could be served with a legal notice giving 21 days to comply with the law or face a fine.”

When a dog is microchipped, a tiny chip about the size of a grain of rice is inserted under the loose skin on the back of its neck, giving it a unique 15-digit code. Owner and dog details are stored on a UK-wide database.