New relief road coming to Splott and Tremorfa

A new road in Cardiff Docks, officially known as the Eastern Bay Link, will connect Queen’s Gate roundabout (the one at the end of the A4232 just after the tunnels) with A48 Ocean Way roundabout at the back of Splott.

According to information on the Welsh Government website, the £57.3m road will:

  • provide a more direct route between the A4232 Butetown tunnel and Rover Way
  • reduce  congestion at the junctions on Tyndall Street by removing traffic currently using the Ocean Way- East Tyndall Street – Central Link route
  • reduce journey times for private and commercial road users
  • help economic regeneration
  • enhance road safety and reduce casualties and provide more opportunities for cycling and walking.

The road will include a 700m bridge and a 300m embankment and is due to complete around Spring 2017.  Approximately 100 new jobs and 10 new apprenticeship opportunities are anticipated to be created through the construction stages.

The road has been a long time coming.  The Bute Tunnels opened in 1995 with a slip road intending to link the A232 with the M4 not being further developed .

Let’s hope that the new road eases the rush-hour traffic through Splott, though if plans to further develop the ‘East Bay’ area come to fruition, we may see an increase in numbers of people coming to the area to work and to live, which may bring its own traffic challenges (but would hopefully see us getting more cool stuff and less stripping of public provision (like our sports hall courtesy of Cardiff Council’s plans to demolish the STAR Centre and not replace the hall as part of the new STAR Hub, despite promises to the contrary)).

One thing I wonder is if they plan to resurface the road after the Ocean Way roundabout.  Having driven down Rover Way just this morning, I can report first-hand that the road is bumpy, holey and in need of attention, especially if an increase in traffic load is anticipated.

But anyway – three cheers for the link road.  It seems like a smart idea making sensible use of the land.