Extinction Rebellion banner in Splott and I say, good one!

Before you spit and spout at this post, I’ll ask you one question: During lockdown, did you enjoy nature?

Weren’t we fabulously lucky to have those birds, bees, moths, butterflies, hedgehogs, foxes, hares and flowers on our doorstep to keep us company and keep us connected and entertained?

Now, I don’t usually get political on Inksplott, but I really believe in what Extinction Rebellion is trying to do to help our world, our planet, our country, our neighbourhood, our street, our families and friends.

We have lost HUGE amounts of forests in the UK, HUGE amounts of ice in the arctic, HUGE amounts of the Amazon rain forests and have a global population that’s mushrooming.

This planet can’t cope with us! Not the way we are now. So you may be annoyed at a road closure or two, but riddle me this: HOW ARE WE GOING TO CHANGE WITHOUT RADICAL ACTION?

Because a petition to our ineffective politicians really isn’t cutting it.

So I am really glad and very supportive of the XR activity in Cardiff this weekend. And I am over the moon that a banner is up on Splott Road and want to be more involved and more supportive.

Here is more information about what they are trying to do: awesomeness

I welcome comments, obviously, and recognise that people will agree and disagree with this post.

As I said, I welcome comments – have at it. But I am telling you now – get abusive on this post and you will be deleted. Simple as that.