Fitness and fun at Pole Twisters

Did you know that there is a pole fitness studio in Splott?  Neither did I!  Not until, that is, I started researching local business owners to interview for Inksplott.  Bingo!  Up popped Pole Twisters.

This week, Inksplott interviews Lisa Broughton, Director and co-founder of Splott-based fitness and fun business Pole Twisters, who talks about how the business started and what it’s all about.

Inksplott: Hi Lisa, thank you for being interviewed for Inksplott.  Can you tell us about Pole Twisters?  What it is and what service it provides?

Lisa: Pole Twisters started off teaching pole classes, courses and parties and has since progressed and grown.  We have our own dance studios in Splott, near the Magic Roundabout, off Ocean Way.  We teach street dance, twerking, burlesque, balance, flexibility and much more.  We also run hen and stag parties across the country.

Inksplott: How did you get into pole fitness?  Can you please tell us a little about the history of your business?

Lisa: Me and my sister went to see a pole dancing competition in London where we were intrigued and wanted to teach this in the Cardiff area.  I started my research online and began teaching firstly for an outside company to gain basic training.  I then proceeding with starting my own company along with the help of my sister.  We had no funding or experience and have slowly achieved a fantastic school with many struggles along the way.  We were the first to start a business of this nature in an industrial unit near the city and since many other schools have followed suit.

Inksplott: Fantastic stuff Lisa!  And why did you locate the business in Splott?

Lisa: We searched for weeks for suitable venues to rent.  It was extremely difficult to locate a space where the ceilings were suitable for our poles, where the rent was reasonable enough, parking, location near town centre and so on.  We were lucky enough to find our industrial unit with plenty of on-site parking near the town centre.

Inksplott: And why should people come to you?  What’s your speciality?

Lisa: We specialise in teaching pole fitness from our detailed course structures where we have stages running from beginners, right up to Stages 8, moving on to Tricks.  Students learn how to put their moves together into dance routines and receive a certificate at the end of each course.  What is more, most students have now bonded with the other students in their class, along with they’re teachers so it’s a great social gathering, learning something new each time they attend.

We boast the most poles in Cardiff.  We have a whopping 11x poles in our large studio, 6x poles in our medium sized studio upstairs and 2x poles in our small studio.

Inksplott: What’s your biggest success story?

Lisa: Our biggest success story is introducing a fun new art form and sport to Wales, into a place that had very little access to pole fitness before. We’ve helped hundreds of students make friends, feel confident and have fun as well as stay fit.  Our students gain body confidence and self-esteem.  Girl power (and guys as we have a few who come along lol!).

Inksplott: Tell us something fun about Pole Twisters.


Lisa: Meeting new fun friends on the same level, helping out with confidence and team building exercises.  We encourage our students to dress-up on their last lesson of each stage and have lots of fun, pole games and routine designing to help take away the stresses and strains from everyday life.

Inksplott: Any exciting plans or events on the horizon?

Lisa: We would love to franchise or open up Pole Twisters in other areas of the UK and perhaps abroad.

Inksplott: That’s great!  Lisa, thank you so much for the interview and good luck with Pole Twisters in the future.

To read more about how Pole Sisters started out, you can read Lisa’s blog here:

Pole Twisters is run by two sisters, Carla & Lisa Broughton and can be reached on the following numbers and at the following addresses:

Pole Twisters Ltd
Cardiff Dance Studios
Unit 4 Templar Parc East Moors Rd Splott Cardiff CF24 5EW GB
02921 328424