Friends and Neighbours goes virtual to connect people feeling lonely

Friends and Neighbours or FAN is a Cardiff based charity that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together in the spirit of friendship. People who enjoy meeting others will be sure of finding a warm welcome if they attend.


In response to the Covid 19 measures, Friends And Neighbours (FAN) is now moving online and group meetings are being held via Zoom and Messenger.


If you are feeling lonely in isolation and would like to chat with your neighbours from around the corner and around the world, keep up to date with virtual FAN groups by following the Facebook page and checking the website;

FAN groups create a sense of community and are a wonderful network. They offer a good opportunity for newcomers to an area to meet local people. FAN groups are particularly helpful for those wanting to learn English or who already speak it but would like to improve. Anyone is welcome to attend a FAN group and make new friends, whether you are a local or from the other side of the world.

“So, what happens in a FAN group? We talk about a chosen topic. Everyone gets a turn to speak, but if you are feeling shy, you do not have to speak if you don’t want to. We don’t interrupt and listen to the person whose turn it is to speak. When everyone has spoken, we close the meeting and then we have an informal chat to get to know each other.”

It is free to attend a FAN group.

FAN has been established in Cardiff for many years and has recently expanded to Bridgend, Barry, Swansea, Newport Usk and Llanelli
Splott is home to a group that has been running for several years at OASIS in Splott Road, more recently a new group nearby in Urban Crofters, Croft Street has proved to be very well attended.  FAN will return to face-to-face meetings in the above locations when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.


Until then, a warm FAN welcome will be waiting for you online.