From Adamsdown to Aberystwyth!

The Pearls of Pearl St chosen for arts exhibition at prestigious Welsh gallery.

The Oriel Lockdown Exhibition at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre celebrates the value that the arts have played over the period of the pandemic.

With most of us confined to our houses and the local vicinity, the team behind the expo noticed on social media that a huge amount of people including amateur and professional artists were turning to art and creativity to see them through.

“This exhibition celebrates the value that the arts have played over the period of the pandemic. We wanted to capture a snapshot of this unprecedented time where we have collectively had to face an overwhelming, extraordinary and uncertain situation, and so decided to make an open call out to submit works that were created during lockdown and responded to the pandemic.

We received over a 1,000 submissions on Instagram and email. Anthony Shapland, curator at g39 gallery, Cardiff and Ffion Rhys, curator at Aberystwyth Arts Centre spent much time deliberating on how to select from such an enormous amount of submissions.” Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Out of all the submissions, the pearls of Pearl Street was selected to be part of the exhibition!

I am so excited that The Pearls of Pearl Street was chosen for this exhibition. Four different walls blown up large and proud take over a wall telling the story of a year and a half of turmoil.


It has certainly brightened my day, seeing the changing face of the wall over the last few years.

For more information on the changing wisdom on the wall, click here: https://www.inksplott.co.uk/wisdom-on-the-wall-introducing-the-pearls-of-pearl-street/

For more information on how to access the exhibition, click here: https://www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk/oriel-lockdown

Box office 01970 62 32 32