Green Friday Launches in Splott

Do something good on the biggest consumer day of the year!

Local lass, Rhian Pitt, has come up with a wonderful initiative to combat the consumerism-craziness of Black Friday.  Called Green Friday, the initiative is designed to encourage people to do something good on the biggest online shopping day of the year.

On the 23rd of November, Rhian is encouraging people to do something good – something that won’t cost any money but may make a difference to the environment or someone’s life.  She has also come up with a brilliant idea for a local exchange of gifts, based on a barter system, where people trade their own produce and skills for others, on a local basis, which they would like.

Here’s Rhian’s post from her Facebook page, explaining how you can get involved:

And so the black Friday hype has begun. I won’t deny the temptation to bag a bargain, yet all this focus on consumerism and the pressure to buy buy buy leaves me feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

So here’s the thought…as a way to offset all the capitalist corporate c**p, who fancies clearing their conscience with a #greenfriday?
Friday 23rd November can be a day when we actively try to do all the things we are always telling ourselves we should do more/less of …maybe you could make a commitment to leave your car at home, shop local, avoid single use plastic, switch to a green energy provider, plant a tree, donate clothes to a charity shop, call a friend you’ve been meaning to visit…anything that does a little good in the world. 

One more idea…Black Friday is a time when many people stock up on christmas presents …anyone fancy being a part of a local exchange based system? I’d like to shop as ethically as possible this Xmas so would anyone be willing to exchange any of their local/handmade/ethical/eco products for a massage voucher/handmade cosmetics?…could set up a local network if enough people are interested? 

Spread the word, share and tag anyone who might be keen … Any of my favourite local business folk fancy getting involved, let me know.

If you would like to get involved with the gift exchange, please email and I will forward your details and ideas to Rhian.

Let Rhian know what you will be doing on #GreenFriday by commenting on her Facebook link:

I LOVE this idea and am over the moon that someone in Splott has stared such a brilliant initiative.  Well done Rhian!  I’ll definnitely think of something good to do this Friday!

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