Harri Stickler – a little fighter who needs our help

There’s a little boy, grandson to Splott resident Anne Jensen, who really needs our help.

Harri has fought so hard through cancer treatment after cancer treatment since he was diagnosed at just six months old.

Harri is now three and on his third relapse with leukaemia and has been given only a 20-30% chance of survival here in the UK by his doctors. But his chances raise significantly, possibly as much as 90%, if his family can raise enough money for pioneering treatment for Harri in Singapore or the USA.

The situation is serious, and this is Harri’s last hope. The treatment will cost an enormous amount of money – £700,000 to £1m – and family and friends are doing everything in their power to raise the funds needed to give Harri this fighting chance.

They have raised an incredible £80,644, but there is a way to go, and that’s where the kindness of strangers comes in.

You can help raise the money needed to give Harri a fighting chance.

Friend of the family and Tremorfa resident, Michelle Moore has been running regular raffles to help raise funds. Request to join the Facebook page Made by Michelle and buy tickets through Paypal to support the fundraiser.

If you can help with a donation, however big or small, please go to the Help For Harri GoFundMe page

For more information, join the Help for Harri Facebook.

There is so much going on right now, with cost of living increases and the war in Ukraine, and people have given and given to many different causes. I know that this is a big ask.

But if enough of us give a little bit (or a lot if you can afford it), Harri can have his chance at treatment and survival.

And that shouldn’t be down to finances.