Parakeets in Pengam Park!

But that’s not the only wildlife on show at Lamby Lake (Parc Tredelerch).

Tonight I took an evening stroll around our local lake, hoping to get some photos for weekly Twitter event #WildCardiffHour, and it did not disappoint!

My trek around the trails started with spotting the usual suspects: the swans and coots have had their chicks and I spent a while watching the adults bob for food for the little ‘uns. Could have staid for hours but onwards I bounded to see what was in the forresty bit at the back.

The first thing I saw (heard loads but the leaves are in full spring growth and it can be hard to spot what you can hear) was a chiff chaff which is notable by its up-and-down-and-up-and-down song. These little fellows are fast, so it’s always gratifying to catch one on camera.

Next came a robin in full song almost hidden in the undergrowth. A small chap with a powerful singing voice (they must be Welsh ;)).

Moving around to the other side, just past the bridge, I heard the distinct call of a black cap. Standing real still to see if it would come out of the elder bush, I heard a knocking noise behind me. That’s not a woodpecker, thought I. Turning slowly, I waited until the culprit made itself known and lo and behold, into focus came two bright green parakeets. They were pecking their red beaks on the branches, hence said knocking noise.

I couldn’t believe it! I’d heard rumours they were there but they had thus far remained elusive. What a result (yes, I know they are an invasive species, but it was still lush to see them in the wild and up-close-ish (thank goodness for teli-lenses!)).

I stayed for quite a while watching and pointing them out to passing folk who wondered what the short-arse with the camera was doing staring at the trees. Everyone seemed delighted to see them!

The black cap remained well hidden but I managed to get a far-away shot, which would have to do for this visit.

The lake is a stone’s throw away from Splott and is thriving with wildlife. Why not take a trip and see what you can spot?