We do run run!

Guest author, Jenny Allan Poe, recently joined Splott running club, Girls Together, for one of their weekly sessions.

Girls Together have been running as a group since 2015. It’s a way to run safely as a group and make new friends along the way. I’ve been meaning to join them for a run since I heard about them, and this year is the year I finally made it happen.

The challenge

I set off from home feeling like the new girl at school, but when I arrived at the STAR Hyb in Tremorfa I quickly realised there was nothing to worry about. I found a group of cheerful and welcoming lasses all game for a catch up and a gentle run.

If, like me, you’re looking to add more movement to your week without worrying about struggling to keep up with a fast and furious pack, then this is the group for you. After a warm up and a brief discussion about the route we set off at an easy pace; one geared for chatting and giggling rather than aiming to break any world records.

The group, started originally by Lucy Marland, is now led by qualified run leader Coleen Manuel and usually aims for around 5 – 7k on an average run. That sounds like a lot, but the pace is gentle and there’s no pressure not to stop for a breather if you need to. 

The run

We set off down to Newport Road and into Waterloo gardens heading for Roath rec. Occasionally the group stops to walk and catch their breath. Chatting is prioritised throughout with topics covering everything, from crafting and cat-care to 40th birthday challenges and gardening, and with a nice mix of Welsh and English thrown in.

We finished the run back at the Star Hyb again, so that those that drove could grab their cars before reconvening for a well-deserved (and delicious) Hench Burger at The Royal Oak. 

The verdict

A lush way to spend a Thursday evening. In the summer it’s a great opportunity to socialise and ease yourself gently into running for the first time. In the winter it’s a way to safely keep up the exercise when it’s dark outside. Excellent motivation, welcoming group, and a potential gateway into more running challenges. 10/10 would recommend!

The details 

  • Girls together meet every Thursday at 6.15 at the Star Hyb in Tremorfa
  • Sessions are currently free although the group sometimes collect small contributions that go towards training new run leaders
  • For more details, or to find out about a run, you can Tweet them @SplottRunners