Splott Comm Vols in the news

Splott Community Volunteers talk about the increasing need for their service as cost of living increases hit people hard.

ITV News this week featured local volunteer group Splott Community Volunteers in an article highlighting the increasing demand for their services.

Read the article here.

Did you know that every Thursday morning between 8am and 10am you can get a hot breakfast and a bag of shopping for just £3?

Not only that, but the breakfast club provides pet food for cats and dogs for those struggling to feed their feline and canine friends.

Splott Community Volunteers is an incredible charity that runs a breakfast club out of Old Splott Library each week, providing people with food and essentials.

After posting the link to the article on Inksplott Facebook and Twitter, residents commended members of the organisation, in particular founding members Angela and Fred Bullard, calling for them to receive formal recognition for their tireless community work.

To find out more about the Splott Comm Vols’ Breakfast Club (hekd each Thursday morning at Old Splott Library between 8am and 10am), click here.

An incredible group of people doing incredible work.