Taxi fares in Cardiff will increase on March 12th

Hackney carriage fares in Cardiff will increase on 12th March 2018.


This increase follows a period of public consultation and approval by the Council’s Cabinet and is the first increase in the standard Tariff of fares since December 2015.

The cost on the meter when a customer gets into a taxi will increase from £2.30 to £2.50 with a 10 pence increase per mile – raising the rate from £1.70 a mile to £1.80.

Under the new prices, a three mile journey will increase a fare by 6.7% during the day and 6% in the evening. The cost of this fare will increase from £7.30 to £7.80 in the day and £8.30 to £8.80 in the night.

The decision to increase the fare takes into account the increased costs accrued by the Taxi Trade which includes the cost of insurance, fuel and vehicle maintenance.

Based on a two-mile journey, Cardiff currently lies 220thin a league table of the most expensive place to get a taxi in the UK out of 370 counties, cities or airports. The fare increase on 12thMarch will move Cardiff up that league table by approximately 100 places.

Catching a taxi in Cardiff will cost the same amount as getting a taxi in 27 other areas including Carmarthenshire, Aberdeenshire, Canterbury, Ipswich and Scarborough.

The Council’s Hackney Carriage Tariff is the maximum rate hackney carriage drivers can charge for journeys that start and end in Cardiff. All these journeys should be charged on the meter.

Taxi drivers do not have to apply the Tariff or use the meter for fares that start or end outside the Cardiff boundary, the fare is then an agreement between the driver and passenger.

Complaints about overcharging or refusal of fares can be reported