Cardiff Council promises cleaner streets

Cardiff will benefit from cleaner streets under new plans to change the way waste and recyclables are collected across the city.

The new system will see the council adopt a four-day a week, single shift collection model. This will enable collections to take place between 6am and 3.45pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

All residential collections of recycling, food waste and general waste on Mondays will cease.

Cardiff Council says the introduction of the new collection rounds across the city will see:

  • Waste and recycling of the streets by 3.45pm;
  • Cleaner streets; and
  • The end of confusion for residents when collection days are pushed to the next day on Bank Holiday weeks.

The new system is expected to be up and running by February, 2021. It will mean rounds across the city will have to be rebalanced with around 85,000 properties seeing changes to their current collection days.

What it means for Adamsdown & Splott

Not much! According to the table of changes just published, our collection day will still be Thursday. However, some streets in Splott may need to be collected on a different day to the rest of the ward for operational efficiency. All affected households will be informed by letter.

Changes to collection days for Wards are due to take place in February 2021 – Final dates to be announced.

Residents will be informed of the exact details of the changes by letter in January. Information will also be available then on the council’s social media channels, on the council’s website and on the council’s app.

The communications plan will see residents receive:

  • A letter to each household explaining why the changes are taking place and what it means to their collection day.
  • A leaflet reminding residents of the correct items to place into green recycling bags/garden waste containers
  • An insert/card with information on the changes which can be kept by the resident for pinning on a noticeboard or placing in the home as a reminder
  • Targeted social media across the city and stories on the council’s websites
  • Information on the changes at all the hubs
  • Digital information on the Cardiff website, Cardiff Gov App, and on the council’s online chatbot.

Cabinet Member for Clean Streets and Recycling, Cllr Michael Michael, said:

“I’m delighted we are able to make this change and I want to thank the Unions and our staff who have agreed to the new arrangement. They have done outstanding work keeping the city clean throughout the pandemic, but we know this new system will make a massive difference to our residents and will really improve the street scene and cleanliness across the city.

“Right now collections run from 6am to 10pm from Monday to Friday. That’s a huge window for waste to be out on the street, when it can be attacked by gulls or pests. This new collection system will see waste off the street before 3.45pm on the four days a week we are picking up. People will be returning home from work to cleaner streets without bags or waste out in the street. It should make a huge difference across the city.”

In order to make the new collection system work an additional 24 refuse trucks will be required. The Council currently operates 39 but the fleet will now increase to 68, including fleet reserves.