Prefer it in print? Pick up a copy of ‘The Inksplott News’ from a local hub

Inksplott News is a free newspaper for Splott, launched in December 2017.  6,000 copies were printed and delivered door-to-door and in local hubs:

  • STAR Hub
  • Oasis Centre
  • Imperial Cafe
  • Moorland STAR Community Centre
  • Cloughmore Surgery
  • Luvly Grub
  • Rubicon Dance
  • Willows High
  • NISA Splott
  • CCHA
  • STAR Communities First

If you haven’t received your paper copy, you can download the PDF using the link below.


Inksplott News could not exist without advertising revenue, so a huge thanks to all local businesses, individuals and parties that have supported its launch.  A lot of Splott is online, but a lot of Splott isn’t, so it’s great to be able to capture the essence of Inksplott on paper and get local news into the hands of local people.

Editor: Lynne Thomas
Printer: CN Newsprint
Next Edition: Spring 2018

If you have a story or would like to advertise in the next edition of Inksplott News, contact:

Advertising Rates:

1/4 page – £70
1/2 page – £110
1 full page – £200
1 full back page – £250