Resident launches petition for improvements to Splott Park playground

Resident, Laura David, on seeing other parks in Cardiff receive upgrades, has launched a campaign for Splott Park playground to be improved for children and residents.

Laura said in a message to Inksplott:

“Facebook friends please help a girl out. I need support for our local park. Please sign and share my petition.

Splott Park has been neglected for years. It is used by many locals, for bike riding, dog walking, sports, general play and socialising.

The facilities are old, worn and dangerous.

Many other areas have had a refurbishment with new equipment for the children to play on, yet Splott Park has had nothing for years. It is really disheartening to see the children of this community go without whilst other areas get modernised.

We call on Cardiff Council to give the residents of the local area, a fun, safe place for children to play and interact with others.

Socialising is essential for a child’s development and social skills, yet here in Splott and Tremorfa the children have nothing. Parents and caregivers should not have to drive to other parks for their children to play.

It is unreasonable for the council to choose already safe and modernised parks to have further updates when the likes of Splott Park continues to deteriorate.

The children are being deprived of their rights, to a safe place to play and the community are tired of constantly being overlooked.

Refurbish Splott Park and give the children somewhere fun to play.”

To sign Laura’s petition, click here