Schoolgirl writes beautiful letter to head of Willows High asking for help to make the school more eco-friendly

As they say, children are the future, and Year-10 pupil Rowan has a plan for saving our planet and making our future a lot greener and more environmentally responsible.


Animal-lover Rowan is concerned about the effect of plastic on our planet and decided to do something about it.  She sat down and wrote a letter to the head of her school, Willows High, expressing her concerns and suggesting measures for improvement.  In a bold move, she asked for a meeting with Chris Norman to discuss her ideas and explain the motivation behind them.


Here is Rowan’s letter in full:


“Dear Mr Norman,

I am concerned about the state of the planet and how we humans are slowly destroying our home.  As humans we make mistakes in life, we are not realising that we are making mistakes, the time we have made for making mistakes is running short.  I make mistakes too.

As an animal lover I am extremely distressed by the suffering I see on recent nature programmes and on the news.  I am trying to get others to help me recycle and to be eco-friendly.  I want to get our school in action.

I am anxious that the school is making use on plastic products such as; plastic rulers, plastic bottles, plastic cartons and also disposable plastic cups and many other uses.  Every day I see pupils drop plastic wrappers, plastic bottles and plastic containers on the floor without realising it or on purpose.  I don’t see many recycling bins laid out in and out of the school.  Every day I see non-reusable plastic cups being served at breakfast club, break and lunch.  This is serious.  I want our school to be more eco-friendly.

Would you consider the list below of eco-friendly ideas for the future of Willows High.

  • Discontinue sale of plastic bottles and plastic products.
  • Use bamboo-made bottles (15p each) – £2 cheaper than bottled water!
  • More water fountains around classes and halls as this can minimise plastic use.
  • Provide more wood / reusable equipment.
  • Grow our own vegetables and make our own food – home made!
  • Put more recycle bins around the school.

I hope you can consider my request and help the school become more eco-friendly.

Yours sincerely,

Rowan Williams-Lord Pschuman

Looking forward to improvements

(I would also like to speak to you, as I can explain more!)

(drawing of planet earth).”

Following a meeting with Mr Norman, a pledge has been made to put more recycling bins around the school as a starting point.

Proud of his pupil, Mr Norman asked Rowan’s if he could share her letter with Inksplott and, I must admit, I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat reading it.

What a fantastic, inspirational young girl.

Good on you Rowan!  You are leading the way for us all with your proactive and creative problem solving and environmental awareness.