You’re never too young for football, as the Pengam Patri-tots prove!

A Splott-based group of volunteers run a football club for 3-5 year olds, proving you’re never too young to learn some skills!


Inksplott: Hi Pengam Patriots FC, thank you for being interviewed for Inksplott.  Can you tell us a little about yourself and your group?

Pengam Patriots FC: We are Pengam Patriots FC. We were formed in June 2018 for the 2018/19 season. We have an under 14 junior team currently within the C League Division of the Cardiff and District League. We also have a toddlers’ section called Pengam Patriots consisting of approximately 20 children where we encourage 3-5 year olds to learn basic football skills.


Inksplott: How did you get into this?  Can you please tell us a little about the history of your group and how you became involved?


Pengam Patriots FC: The u14 were already with another club and the majority of the team have been playing together since they were 9. We decided to move away and form our own club.


Inksplott: And how come the group is in Splott?


Pengam Patriots FC: We’ve always been a Splott-based team using Splott Park as our home pitch and home club on Seawall Road.


Inksplott: What’s your best story since setting up the group?


Pengam Patriots FC: This is our first season as a new club and have WON the respective league. We have played 20 games this season, winning all 20 and scoring a whopping 233 goals and conceding just 22. The whole squad including coaches have worked tremendously hard all season. Their attitude and determination has been second to none from start until finish. The bond between them both on and off the pitch has had a huge impact on how well they have done this season. The support we have received from our club, the players parents and families together with the surrounding  community has been amazing. Well and truly overwhelming. Cannot believe how lucky we are.


Inksplott: Tell us a secret or something about Splott that we won’t know.


Pengam Patriots FC: Splott is a strong, hard working and proud community and have 100% got behind the Patriots.


Inksplott: Any exciting plans or events on the horizon?


Pengam Patriots FC: The u14 will be venturing into their new B division next season and looking to continue with their hard work and dedication throughout to ensure success.  Keep up the training with the Patri-Tots developing their skills and love for the game. Also Hoping to expand our younger section by possibly adding some more smaller sides into a mini section.


Inksplott: How can people find out more? Do you have a website, Facebook, Twitter and the like?


Pengam Patriots FC: We have an active Facebook page for both sections.

Pengam patriots fc


Home club – Pengam Moors Social Club (The Shed), Seawall Road.


Inksplott: That’s great – thank you so much for the interview!