Update on the July PACT meeting

PACT stands for Partnerships and Community Together; it’s a meeting every six months where local councillors, representatives from South Wales Police Cardiff, community representatives and residents come together to talk about the issues affecting local areas.

On Thursday 25th July, a joint Splott and Tremorfa PACT meeting took place in Splott Play Centre in Splott Park.

Here are the highlights from that meeting:

  • On the night of the June PACT meeting, the perpetrator of a distraction burglary was caught thanks to a successful chase by the dog unit.  Update via South Wales Police Facebook:


Good news – Last month we issued this CCTV image of a man we wanted to identify in connection with a distraction burglary in Splott.

He had allegedly duped a 64-year-old woman into handing over money by saying he had cleaned her windows and guttering.

Following a foot chase in Roath, Nigel John Flynn, 32, from Rhymney in Caerphilly, was arrested and charged with four counts of fraud and one burglary.

Today, at Cardiff Crown Court, he was sentenced to 3 years and 8 months in prison.

Thank you all for your shares & continued support.


  • 14th July was the last report of off-road bikes causing damage and riders engaging in anti-social behaviour.  The main perpetrators are known to the police and are currently under investigation for other crimes.  Community members acknowledged a reduction in the number of off-road bikes causing problems of late, but pointed out that there were still one or two regularly racing around Splott and Tremorfa.  Police representative assured residents that house visits were ongoing about the bikes.



  • There are ongoing live operations on Clifton Street and Splott Road to tackle illegal tobacco, nitros cannisters, anti-social congregation and drug supply


  • The OpSceptre Knife Crime Team is present in Splott an Tremorfa


  • The mounted police unit has been in Splott and tremorfa 3 times since last the last PACT meeting and has had positive engagement with residents


  • Vehicle theft in Lidl has been dramatically reduced.  The reason for this is unclear, but the mounted unit has made a point of visiting as often as possible


  • Two stolen motorbikes were recovered from Tremorfa Park, where there are constant patrols, and one was reunited with its owner


  • Residents encouraged to report stolen bikes and take down the frame number so that police can reunite with owners


  • Main reports of late are about kids on bikes and loitering on Clifton Street


  • Car scratching – enquiries have been made, house to house and looking for cctv. No suspects identified.


  • Staff in Tesco Pengam Green are now challenging people suspected of buying fuel for off-road bikes and reporting incidents to the police


  • Parking on Splott Road is dangerous for pedestrians as drivers are parking on double yellows and overhanging the junctions. Councillor Jane Henshaw advised that she would request a visit by council members to look at measures and enforcement


  • A tent pitched on Tremorfa Park – housing a man in clown mask – was confiscated and no further issues have been reported


  • PACT meetings are held every 6 weeks and the next meeting will be on the 5th September at 6.30 – venue tbc


  • Priorities moving forward:
    Off road bikes
    Anti social cycling
    Parking on Splott Road

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