Your Splott Stars!

Last week, Inksplott asked the people of Splott to nominate their Splott Stars; people who have gone above and beyond for them in this difficult time.  Well Splott, you didn’t disappoint!  The nominations came rolling in.

Here they are (in alphabetical order):

Amy Barry

David Price said:

“Amy Barry –  for knitting lots of mask protector bands to stop the elastic in them cutting into the nurses and doctors heads.”

Camilla Lovelace Tutor

Sian Edwards nominated Camilla:

“Definitly Camilla Lovelace Tutor and the band of dedicated volunteers keeping Splott’s community garden and allotment thriving. Camilla has been incredibly kind, bringing us seeds, pots, plants and gardening supplies to keep my little boy happy and busy.”

James Caruana agreed:

“I would like to second this! A true hero of splott! I don’t think a day goes by where Camilla isn’t volunteering to ensure Splott is a lovely place to live!”

The staff at Co-Op Splott Road

Three people nominated the staff of Splott Road Co-Op for their incredible attitude and service to the community during the pandemic:

Kate Owen said:

“I’d like to nominate the staff at Splott Road co-op. They’ve been brilliant, working so hard in such difficult circumstances, and still serving with a smile.”

Ewan Hilton seconded with:

“All those lovely people working in Splott Co-op”

And Splott Community Volunteers quickly followed with:

“Tom and his staff from Splott Road Co-op”.

Fred and Angela Bullard

Old Illts Minis wanted to nominate the powerhouse couple behind Splott Community Volunteers who run breakfast clubs and community events in Splott.

Sara Jones also wanted to nominate Fred and Angela Bullard for all their hard work in the community.

See the comments section below for more mentions of the wonderful work carried out by Fred and Angela…

Hannah and Becca from Green Squirrel

Sarah Stephens said 

“Becca from Green Squirrel and Hannah. working hard to keep community spirit up and Inksplott x” (oh, why thank you!).

Deborah Isis Hoade concurred with:

“Another nomination for Becca and Hannah from Green Squirrel they do so much for this community. And an honorable mention for Vicky McClure who entertains me hugely with her hilarious Facebook posts – I hope your future husband turns up soon!”

Jim Tulloh said:

“Definitely Rebecca Clarke and Hannah Garcia of Green Squirrel who are sending flowers and vegetables all over the area and who both work tirelessly for Splott and the wider community.”

Jenny Allen Poe seconded his recommendation.

Hannah Garcia of Green Squirrel had a few nominations of her own:

Louise Clarke said:

“I think Hannah Garcia deserves special recognition for setting up the Splott /Adamsdown Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group is worthy on its own and then allowing us to pick up flowers saved by @BeMoreSquirrel  from certain death.”

Rebecca Clarke added:

“Definitely Hannah Garcia! She is doing so much behind the scenes for our local area – what about  those tree parties too!

Tamsin Stirling said:

“I would like to nominate Hannah Garcia for all her work with the Splott & Adamsdown mutual aid group – setting up systems, coordinating, encouraging, making sure people who need help get it – & she has great design skills too.”

Lauren Williams said:

“Hannah! (You know the one…) for coordinating the whole Splott & Adamsdown mutual aid group so wonderfully efficiently!”

James Elliott

Lisa Challoner, Martin Ones and Becca Griffiths all nominated James Elliott for:

“keeping me entertained with golden nuggets! He’s also good for helping me feel that my alcoholism is normal in these times xx

Joanne Louise Robinson

Michelle Moor said:

“I’d like to nominate Joanne Louise Robinson for helping the parents of her class at Llanederyn Primary School, to keep their children entertained with homework and fun ideas while they are off school. She’s also made a lovely video of Baden Powell school children to cheer their teachers up. Supermum to her 5 year old and 21 month old boys even though she’s been Ill lately. Well Done Jo!!! X”

Louise Clarke

Peter Durrant wanted to nominate Louise Clarke for leading Keep Splott Tidy.  He said: 

“I’d like to nominate Louise Clarke from Keep Splott Tidy for her work in being proactive to get bin bags and other liners out to the local community, either through 3rd party deliveries or from her home distance rules applying ..also now organising the your own litter pick ..with the assistance if borrowing on short term equipment from KST..starting Monday.”

Michelle Moore

I nominated Michelle because:

“I’m going to nominate Michelle Moore for all her volunteering and ensuring that her friends, family neighbours and wider community have the essentials that they need during lockdown (and all she did before that with Moorland STAR)”

And many others did the same:

Rebecca Hill said:

“I wanted to nominate Michelle Moore as local community hero in splott and tremorfa. Loads of people would be lost without her me included. She is always the first to raise money and gather donations to help out those in need. She’s a saint and deserves to be recognised for all her good work.”

Tanya Pembery said:

“i would love to nominate Michelle Moore as she is always helping others and always puts everyone before herself.she always goes out of her way no matter what it takes. I can say that  i am very proud to be her little sister♥️. She has helped me get through a lot of hard times and helped me deal with my recent cancer treatment  by always being there for me. Michelle is such a kind and loving person and is very much loved by all her family, friends and neighbours. She is truly a credit to us all and works very hard to help those in need. Michelle i love you!”

Ankana Tiwari said:

“I would like to nominate Michelle Moore for all her efforts during these time. She has continuously worked very hard to ensure all her neighbour and friends get everything they need. At numerous occasions she has gone out of her ways to help people selflessly. I cannot recommend her name enough as a “Splott Star”.

Joanne Evans said:

“I would like to nominate Michelle Moore for our local community hero in Splott, Tremorfa and surrounding areas. Alot of people would be lost without her. She has helped alot of people including myself and family and as an NHS employee myself its touched my heart that she has gone out of her way to offer support to some of my colleagues at Cardiff and Vale UHB at this difficult time, including contributing with supplies to patients on some wards. It means a lot. She is one of the most genuine people I know and thoroughly deserves recognition”.

Jayne Bailey said:

“Lynne Thomas I’d also like to nominate Michelle Moore for all the work shes done for friends and the community

And my mother would also like to nominate her aswel”

The adorable Maggie Moon said:

“Im sorry I can’t e,mail I’m a little bit old for that but please can I nominate, I’m going to nominate Michelle Moore for all her volunteering and ensuring that her friends, family neighbours and wider community have the essentials that they need during lockdown (and all she did before that with Moorland STAR) thank you x”

Heidi Putbrace said:

“I would like to nominate Michelle Moore she goes out of her way to help people . She has an amazing positive attitude which is what we need at this crazy time xx”

Becky May said:

“I would like to nominate Michelle always thinking of other people and helping out where she can help out x”

Natasha Lee Jenkins said:

“Michelle More has a heart of gold… its not just during this lock down that she does kind things. She always has some sort of project running to help someone.. 💛”

Mikey Britton

Craig Truman wanted to say:

“I would like to nominate a genuine splott guy with a big heart, supplying nursing homes and care homes with FREE ice creams to all residents patient’s and staff, what a kind and thoughtful thing to do.”

Paul Gwilym

In a second mention for Paul, Alan Smith wanted to thank Paul:

“I would like to nominate a genuine splott guy with a big heart, supplying nursing homes and care homes with FREE ice creams to all residents patient’s and staff, what a kind and thoughtful thing to do.”

Sarah Stephens

Holly Collins said:

“I Would like to nomination Sarah Reach amazing lady always her for us an her community still working hard for CCHA ❤️ can’t fault her xx”

Splott Play Centre Staff

Sabrina Sabz wanted to issue her thanks:

“I have nominated Splott Play Centre staff who have been working around the clock to help distribute food supplies from Splott Play Centre to those in need!!!

The Floursih CCHA team wanted to say:

“Our Splott Stars are Jane and her team at Splott Play. They have partnered with Flourish’s Tremorfa Pantry and have been distributing food and essential items to over 170 households a week. They are complete superhero’s”.

Tamsin Stirling

Jane E Boon wanted to nominate Tamsin because:

“I am going to nominate my lovely neighbour Tamsin Stirling who has done so much for not only her neighbours but her community too. She is ensuring that those who are shielding and self-isolating are getting provisions and medicines. She even brought us some plants that were being given away knowing that we couldn’t go and get them ourselves.”

Willows High Team

Local Councillor Edd Stubbs wanted to nominate the team at Willows because:

“The way they have sorted free school meals and everything else.”

Ysgol Glan Morfa

Ian Rogers said:

“I’d like to nominate the wonderful staff of Ysgol Glan Morfa in Splott who are still going the extra mile to ensure their students have fun activities to focus on aswell as educational activities, continuing to educate and look after children of keyworkers, and calling each week to check on all of our wellbeing at this time. Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi gyd”

And a mystery man! (now known as Ginger)

Alex Fawcwtt said:

“Lovely chap across the road from me (still don’t know his name). We moved to Mervyn Rd about a month ago and every week he’s put our wheelie bin out if we’ve forgot, and offered to help burning any cardboard we have from flat pack furniture as can’t take it to tip at the moment!”

Jenny Davies commented:

“Ginger is a local legend, always there to help neighbours and put a smile on peoples faces😀”

So there we have it! Not a conclusive list by any means, but these are the nominations sent in to Inksplott by 9pm on Friday, the closing time and date. If you would like to add anyone to the list, please add a comment at the bottom of the article.

However, the nominations are now in and the draw for the bunch of flowers will take place this week (once I can figure out how to do it while socially distancing!). Watch this space for the winner!