How to report antisocial and criminal behaviour in Splott and Tremorfa

At tonight’s PACT (Police and Community Together) meeting, we learned what the police priorities are for our area and the different ways in which we can report criminal acts and antisocial behaviour.  There are more ways than you may think!

First the three priorities for Splott and Tremorfa:

  1. Antisocial and criminal behaviour (mainly the boys on bikes damaging cars and the riding of illegal off-road motorbikes around our streets)
  2. Fly-tipping and litter
  3. Bad and dangerous parking on Splott Road

Dog fouling is also a priority but a new measure to fine dog owners not carrying poop bags has come into force which will hopefully start to have impact and lower the instances of shoddy pet owners allowing their animals to do their business on the streets and pavements and simply walk off.  Fingers crossed.

So what should we do when we see antisocial behaviour or a criminal act?  Here’s the rundown:


Criminal act in progress, especially when there is a danger to life, or serious crimes

This one’s simple: call 999.


Reporting antisocial behaviour and minor incidents

Call 101:  There may be a wait (and many people have reported on social media that they have been discouraged by this, but please persevere because every call logged means that we climb up the priority ranking and more resources are deployed in our area).  Here’s the instruction from South Wales Police: The 101 non-emergency number should be used to report non-urgent crime and for general inquiries. It’s the number to call if your car gets stolen for example, or if you want to report drug use or dealing, if your property gets damaged or to speak to an officer.

Email: You can email South Wales Police Reporting on to log your report

Online: You can fill out a contact form here:

In person: You can call into a police station.  Find your nearest here:


Contact your local officer

Neighbourhood Beat Manager – PC Kate Howls (Splott)

Force Number: swp5528

Rank: Constable

Contact Number: 07584004447



PCSO Mike O’Sullivan (Splott)

Force Number: swp56599

Rank: PCSO

Contact Number: 07805301527



Neighbourhood Beat Manager – PC Mohsin Irshad (Tremorfa)

Force Number: swp6277

Rank: Constable



PCSO Simon Pinnell (Tremorfa)

Force Number: 56316

Rank: PCSO

Contact Number: PCSO Simon Pinnell (Tremorfa)



Reporting anonymously

Did you know that you can report a crime but request that you remain anonymous and not have an officer visit your home?  You will only be contacted via telephone as a follow-up.  This is particularly useful if you are afraid of retaliation after reporting neighbours or people you know.


Use the South Wales Police website to find out about Splott:


Reporting Fly-Tipping

You can report fly-tipping online here:

It’s easy on the Cardiff Gov App too – simply download it to your phone.


Report a parking problem

You can report a parking problem online here:



Pact stands for Police and Community Together.  The next Splott meeting will be held on Thursday the 6th June at the Oasis Centre on Splott Road at 6.30pm and all are welcome to attend.  At tonight’s meeting, attending from SWP were Neighbourhood Beat Manager – PC Kate Howls (Splott), PCSO Mike O’Sullivan (Splott) and PCSO Simon Pinnell (Tremorfa).  It was a great chance to find out what has been going on to tackle problems in the area and to also raise any new issues.


I hope that’s helpful folks.  Remember to be vigilant, don’t leave valuables in cars at any time, not even for a minute, and report crime and antisocial behaviour when you witness it.  Together we can make a difference.