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Splott Road Bridge: Second Phase of Upgrade Work Complete

The second phase of Splott Road bridge reconstruction is complete and the bridge has now reopened to vehicles and pedestrians.   Over the weekend of the 17/18 February, the remaining section of the old structure was removed during a 50 hour closure of the railway.   The bridge has been demolished and rebuilt in two halves: an […]

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Wisdom on the wall: introducing The Pearls of Pearl Street

Some people would bemoan the arrival of long roadworks right outside their door.  Most would sigh, harrumph, roll their eyes and have a good moan about it.  One local individual, however, came up with an inspired idea to turn traffic chaos into traffic calm. For the past year, words of wisdom have regularly appeared on […]

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Road closures in February as Splott Road Bridge reconstruction enters phase 2

February 2018 represents a major milestone towards the electrification of the railway to Cardiff.  Work on Splott Road Bridge enters a critical phase and preparations for the new overhead line equipment continue.   Road closure As part of the work to reconstruct Splott Road Bridge, Network Rail requires a full road closure between 4 February […]

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Somewhere over the Railway

Work continues on Splott Bridge. Traffic to switch sides on the 8th of December. Replacing a 120 year old bridge without closing it and causing traffic chaos is no mean feat, but that was the challenge faced by Network Rail Wales and principle contractor, Carillion, this year with the demolition and reconstruction of Splott Road Bridge. Work […]

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What’s occurring with Mardy Road Bridge? Read on for an electrifying update!

As we all know, the railway line between London and Cardiff is being electrified, which has meant bye-bye to the old bridges of Splott and hello to new, elevated, bridges.   First to be replaced was Windsor Road, followed by Beresford Road Bridge and then Splott Road Bridge, which is still underway with construction due […]

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New swing on the block: checking out Splott’s newest park at Horwood Close

There’s a new kid on the block, or should I say there’s a new place for kids on the block? During the recent replacement of Beresford Road Bridge, the Horwood Close playground was taken down and the site used by Network Rail for storage and services realignment, which left a fun-sized gap in play provision […]

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Splott Road Bridge reopens but only briefly

Splott Road Bridge reopened today to traffic following full closure caused by the Citadel collapse last month.  The bridge is now allowing single-flow traffic directed by a four-way traffic light system, as it was before the tragic incident which claimed a man’s life. This will be a relief to residents of Splott and Adamsdown, especially […]

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Citadel collapse causes rail and road closures in Splott

Roads above and railway lines below Splott Road Bridge are closed due to a collapse of part of the Citadel building on the junction of Splott Road and Pearl Street. Inksplott was made aware this afternoon of an incident near to Splott Road Bridge that had caused the closure of the railway line and immediately […]

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Another bridge bites the dust: Beresford Road Bridge reopens as demolition of Splott Road Bridge begins

One of Splott’s most well-used thoroughfares is to reopen ten days before work on another begins.  Beresford Road Bridge is set to reopen on Friday the 17th February after seven months of being closed to traffic, while work on replacing Splott Road Bridge is set to begin on the 27th. Beresford Road Bridge: Beresford Road […]

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