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Update on the July PACT meeting

PACT stands for Partnerships and Community Together; it’s a meeting every six months where local councillors, representatives from South Wales Police Cardiff, community representatives and residents come together to talk about the issues affecting local areas. On Thursday 25th July, a joint Splott and Tremorfa PACT meeting took place in Splott Play Centre in Splott […]

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How to report antisocial and criminal behaviour in Splott and Tremorfa

At tonight’s PACT (Police and Community Together) meeting, we learned what the police priorities are for our area and the different ways in which we can report criminal acts and antisocial behaviour.  There are more ways than you may think! First the three priorities for Splott and Tremorfa: Antisocial and criminal behaviour (mainly the boys […]

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Splott’s next Police and Community Together (PACT) meeting

Do you have concerns or want to flag issues to the police?  On Wednesday 21st of November, Splottlanders have the chance to talk directly to local police at a PACT meeting taking place at Oasis on Splott Road at 7pm.     Normally I’d just give a shout out on Facebook and Twitter, but in […]

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Thieves steal iPads from primary schools in Splott

Splott community outraged as thieves break into local primary schools Moorland and St Albans and steal iPads.   News broke yesterday that Moorland Primary School had been targeted by thieves in the early hours of the morning.   Moorland Primary tweeted: “We are sorry to report that 15 ipads were stolen from our early years […]

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Teenage crime spree causes havoc in Tremorfa and Splott

Reported instances of vandalism, criminal damage, abuse and anti-social behaviour have recently risen in Tremorfa and Splott, culminating last night in an incident on Aberystwyth Street which left car wing mirrors shattered and plastic casings in pieces.   At 6.30pm a group of teenage boys on pushbikes rode down the street smashing and bashing any […]

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